PPE Kit (6 pc Kit)
  • PPE Kit (6 pc Kit)

    All the material used in PPE kit is Govt approved and 90GMS , 100% water proof . For use in protection against contamination against diseases by domestic and medical  personnel. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE KIT contains  :1)  Full Body Suit:  Hooded head and elastic design at the cap and mouth effectively block dust & microorganisms Zipper Design: Easy to put on and take off Elastic Cuffs: Flexible, effective barrier and provided easy movement.  Fits well to meet different body wear requirements .2) Shoe Cover :Shoe cover provide a barrier against possible exposure within a contaminated environment. Shoe cover is 90 GSM non-woven and high ankle.3) Latex Gloves  : High quality Latex powdered gloves to protect against surface contamination. 4) Protective Eye  goggles   :Full eye covering  Protection Goggles help protect your eyes from splatters and gives you full eye protection .5) 3 ply face mask  :   3 ply surgical mask help protect your nose and mouth from splattered of body fluids, and filter the air before you inhale it.  Made from anti microbial fabric filter. 6) Disposal bag : Plastic disposal bio degradable  bag to dispose the contaminated PPE kit.
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